Thursday, May 19, 2016


The Walking Dd Sson 3-At Comic-Con 2014, the interview with Telltale Panel revled that their amazing Choice-Based Adventure game series, The Walking Dd is going to get a third Sson. The co-founder/owner of Telltale, Kevin , on 24th July 2014 at the Comic Con, answered the question 'Will there be a sson 3?'. He said,''OK, there will be a Sson 3, Yes we are going to be making a new sson for TWD''
Unfortunately, was not willing to tell anything more on this, and the fans don't have any expected relse date yet. He also said,''And it is coming soon, Well,its Coming 'Later',not this yr but 2015.'' So that gives an expectation of maybe mid-late 2015. A few reports say it can even be rly 2016. Recently they wrapped up the game with an intense ending to the second sson- (Spoiler below)
In the end, we (Clem) is supposed to make a hard decision, whether she will go with Jane, or with Kenny, choosing to go with Jane, Clem shoots Kenny and returns south (to the fenced hideout of Carver) and is visited by a new family, Parents and a Child, the game ends with Clem spotting a gun tucked in jns of the Father. On the other hand, choosing to 'Look Away' will make the game end with Clem and Kenny stepping out of Truck, parked in Wellington. Telltale has rlly redefined gaming experience on Android devices. Stay tuned for more on The Walking Dd Sson 3.
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