Thursday, May 19, 2016

MiniCM9-3.0.2 / Nova Versão Xperia X8


Caracteristícas:MiniCM9 theme – to be used only with the MiniCM9 ROM
Kernel bootlogo animation now finishes before MiniCM9 boot animation starts
Autobrightness levels fixed
Recovery version in Settings -> About Phone
Updates for camerahal
camera: bar scanners fix
camr: 352×288 resolution
(higher resolution is possible but has audio/ sync issues due to missing cs)
FM Radio app now enables bluetooth when it starts
SmartassV2 governor as default
Many fixes from CM: theme manager, lockscreen icons, Apollo, etc.
Fixed reboot hanging issues (when rebooting from power button)
Fixed some A2SD issues
Download Abaixo Rom Kernel Apps Google ( não é necessario )

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